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Keynotes (selected) from MECO and ECYPS Conferences from 2012- Pls. cite bellow material as Authors, Title, Keynote pressentation at MECO 201X,  accessible at As example:  "Srdjan Stankovic, Compressive sensing: Theory, Algorithms and Applications, Keynote pressentation at  MECO'2019, accessible at:"

  1. Compressive sensing: Theory, Algorithms and ApplicationsProf. dr Srdjan Stankovic, Keynote MECO'2015
  2.  Challenges in the Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks: A Holistic Approach Development and Planning Tools, Middleware, Power Efficiency, Interoperability, Prof. George Papadopoulos, Keynote lMECO'2015
  3. Matching Data Representation to Application Needs [ Case study: Cryptographic Systems ], Prof. Thanos Stouraitis, Invited lesson given like introduction to MECO'2015 Conference, Podgorica, Montenegro, April 2015.
  4. Koen De Bosschere, HiPEAC=High-Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation, Keynote MECO 2018 
  6. Rainer Leupers, TETRAMAX Introduction, Keynote MECO 2018
  7. Howard Moskowitz, All the world’s a researcher: Democratizing research, inspiring students, crowdsourcing knowledge, bettering society, Keynote MECO 2018
  8. Israel Koren, Detecting and Counteracting Benign Faults & Malicious Attacks in Cyber Physical Systems, Keynote MECO 2018
  9. Schahram Dustdar, Cyber-Human Partnerships –Engineering the Smart Fabric of IoT, People, and Systems, Keynote MECO 2018
  10. Naim Dahnoun, Tackling Multicore DSP Programming, Keynote MECO 2018
  11. Agnis Stibe,, Keynote MECO 2018
  12. Veljko Milutinovic, DataFlow SuperComputing for BigData, Keynote MECO 2018
  13. Hana Kubátová, Dependability Problems in Interconnected World, Keynote 2018
  14. Anton Kos, Biofeedback in sport and rehabilitation, Keynote pressentation at  MECO'2019, accessible at: .

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