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The MECOnet Profile


The MECOnet Institute has a close cooperation with researchers from leading universities in the USA (MIT, Harvard, University of Massachussets in Amherst, Boston University, Purdue, University of Indiana in Bloomington, FIU, FIU, Stanford, UC Berkeley, etc), in Europe (Slovenia, FRI and FE; Austria, TIWIEN and UNIWIE, Switzerland, ETH and EPFL; and Germany, Stuttgart and Heidelberg, etc), as well as in almost all Mediterranean countries, with a special emphasis on Appenines, Balkans, Levant, and Magreb. Periodically, the MECOnet Institute inititates an internal discussion on issues of importance for computing and ontology in general (Advisory Board) and on issues of importance for the Mediterranean area and it researchers (Mediterranean Advisory Board).


The MECOnet Institute is open for help to young talented researchers who, thru extended stays in Montenegro, are aimed at generating new scientific and technical know-how, in cooperation with the MECOnet experts. The stress is on the publishing efforts to help the dissemination process, leaded by resident experts with a high citation index and international experience, in synergy with external experts from the above mentioned institutions with the highest reputation.

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