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Self-sustained customized cyberphysical system experiments for capacity building among European stakeholders (SMART4ALL)

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  • SMART4ALL Webinars to help you how to apply for small grants, more...
  • Apply for small SMART4ALL garnts. 8.000EUR to 80.000EUR to support SMART ideas, SMEs, individuals, inovative institutions, more... 
  • SMART4ALL at MECO'2020 and CPSIoT'2020, more...


Self-sustained customized cyberphysical system experiments for capacity building among European stakeholders, a four year 8,000,000 Euros flagship EU project under the call DT-ICT-01-2019: Smart Anything Everywhere for connecting Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe. The project received the highest score in the evaluation and will start within 2019.

The SMART4ALL consortium consists of 25 European partners with interdisciplinary skills and know-how from universities, research institutes, investors, networking organizations, SMEs, Innovation Hubs and NGOs. The MECOnet is only partner from Montenegro. 

The project will build capacity (via Open Calls) amongst European stakeholders through the development of self-sustained, cross-border experiments that transfer knowledge and technology between academia and industry. It targets CLEC (Customized low energy computing) CPS/IoT and combines a set of unique characteristics that join together different cultures, policies, geographical areas and application domains under a common vision.

The application domains targeted are digitized transportationdigitized agriculturedigitized environment and digitized anything

Open Calls

Are you a System Integrator and/or Technology Provider with experience in the development of CLEC CPS/IoT solutions? Find out the different ways you can join the SMART4ALL Ecosystem in South, Eastern and Central Europe, search for partners and apply to our open calls. Open calls provide unique opportunity to get small or medium grant for your idea.

Join Team

Open possitions for high-tech engineers/developers, project managers/assistants and volunteers. Permanently open. Our jobs announcments are very simple. Only real knowledge is taken into consideration. Simply, you need to contact us by email, expressing a wish to work as engineer/developer, project assistant/manager or volunteer (student or others, interested in acquiring real knowledge and experience). Then, we will test your usable knowledge and, if pass, discuss the conditions.  

  • Hardware-software IoT enginners/developers. If you want to pursue your career in the fields of Embedded Computing, Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things in a team of professionals, who know their job then you are welcome. Write us... 
  • Project assistant/administrator. If you like to work as project assistant/manager, having already experience, or desire, you are welcome. Write us..
  • Young researchers/volunteers. If you are student willing to learn practical things, then it is a place for you. Write us...

Our Activities

  • June 08-11, 2020: SMART4ALL at MECO'2020 and CPSIoT'2020

SMART4ALL is participating in MECO2020 Conference remotely. Presentation and webinar were sorganised.

Get involved

MECOnet is open for open minds and fresh ideas. Contact us by or social networks.